TCP007 Haexenzijrkell - ...von Glut und Wirbelrauch
1. ...von Glut und Wirbelrauch
2. Des Teufels schwarze Hand

Pro-Tape. 100 copies. Special edition limited to 25 copies sold out.

TCP006 Lichtzehrer - ...Of Witchcraft And Folklore
1. Of Bones And Funeral Pyres
2. Mystery Of The Leather Bridge

Released in 2016. Hand-dubbed. Only given out to very few individuals. Sold out.

Reissued by Harvest Of Death.

TCP005 Iapetos - Voluptuos Void|Rehearsal MMIX
Side A - Voluptuous Void
1. Pallid Mask
2. Strobe! Transform! Dissolve!
Side B - Rehearsal MMIX
3. Echoes From The Vault
4. Surtrs Colossal Feast [Fiat Ignem]

Pro-Tape. 50 copies. Sold out.

TCP004 Haexenzijrkell - Demo I
1. Lughnasadh

Released in 2016. Hand-dubbed. 80 copies. Sold out.

Reissued by Amor Fati Productions.

TCP003 Iapetos - The Cosmic Pillars|Rehearsal MMIX
1. Echoes From The Vault
2. Surtrs Colossal Feast - Fiat Ignem

Remastered version of the Rehearsal MMIX tape. Hand-dubbed. 30 copies. Only available at one concert in 2015. Handnumbered. Sold out.

TCP002 Iapetos - Rehearsal MMXIII
1. Magnificent Desolation
2. Beyond Lunar Seas
3. Surtrs Colossal Feast [Fiat Ignem]

Recorded in 2013. Hand-dubbed. 50 copies. Handnumbered. Sold out.

TCP001 Iapetos - Rehearsal MMIX
1. Echoes From The Vault
2. Surtrs Colossal Feast - Fiat Ignem
3. In The Shadows Of The Horns

Recorded in 2009. Hand-dubbed. 20 copies. Handnumbered. Sold out.